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FE Academy


Balance therapy is an innovative manual therapy technique based on the following key elements:

  • ARA: Assess, Address then Reassess cycles. 
  • R.M.T: Rollins Manual Therapy Courses 

After more than 11 years of manual therapy learning, I am putting the essence of my experience and years of education here for you to reap the benefits.

  • Save your hands
  • Postural corrections
  • Musculoskeletal alignment: Myofascial and trigger points release
  • Prevent carpal tunnel syndrome 
  • Prevent tendinitis
  • Prevent TOS 
  • Prolong your career life span
  • Preserve your energy 
  • Deliver deep tissue therapy at minimal effort
  • Exceed your patients and clients expectations 
  • Build a long-lasting busy and successful practice in manual therapy
  • Avoid travelling costs and hotel reservations for a few hours seminar. 
  • Avoid paying so much money for useless courses
  • Neuromuscular injuries: Neural manipulations, Craniosacral rhythm.
  • Organs balance: Visceral Manipulations
  • Lifestyle changes: Home, work, habits etc...
  • Rehabilitation exercises
  • Stress management: Breathing exercises, Balance Yoga. Chi Yoga.
  • Referring out: Psychological analysis, personal training, counselling, etc... 
  • Connecting the systems: The muscular, the neurological, the adrenal, the skeletal, the digestive, the reproductive, the cardiovascular etc.
  • And more...
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