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Fascia Edge Therapy. IASTM 
Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization is an ancient method that has been used by civilizations. 
In this course you will learn: 
-The foundation of IASTM.
-The purpose of using IASTM.
-How IASTM can save your hands.
-The correct use of IASTM. 
-How to professionally use FasciaEdge tools.
-Indications and Contraindications.
Fascial Dynamic Stretch Therapy
Is a technique developed by Roi Rollins (RMT) after more than 28,000 hours of hands-on manual therapy experience. 
This method is built on a fundamental understanding of human anatomy and fascial structures. 
Fascial Dynamic Stretch Therapy will allow the practitioner to:
-Provide safe and effective treatment.
-Increase the positive outcome.
-Creating a new niche among other therapists. 
-Finding the source of the problem rather than dealing with the symptoms
Fascial Thai Massage 
In this course you will learn: 
-How to set up for Thai technique.
-How to use your feet and hands for Thai Massage.
-How to integrate the fascial lines into Thai Massage.
-The body mechanics of FTM 
Fascial Deep Tissue Therapy
In this course you will learn:
-The proper use of knuckles in manual therapy. 
-Use of elbows in manual therapy.
-Use of knees in manual therapy.
-Proper body mechanics for deeper tissue therapy. 

Save your hands.
Get better results with your patients/clients 
Learn how to use proper body mechanics
Professionally use FasciaEdge IASTM
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