Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is FasciaEdge coming out?

A: FasciaEdge is now available for purchase! Please visit our PRODUCTS page.

Q: How to get rid of headache? 

A: https://www.fasciaedge.com/blogs/news/how-to-get-rid-of-headache

Q: Why is healthy fascia important?

A: Everything in the body is connected through fascia, and keeping it healthy is very important. When fascia is not properly aligned and healthy, it can cause a dimpled appearance on the skin (cellulite), you may experience pain, restricted mobility and it may begin to affect other body structures.

Q: Why should I use FasciaEdge instead of any other fascia release tool?

A: FasciaEdge should be used over other tools because of its ergonomic design, which reduces repetitive strain on fingers, hands and joints.

Q: Can I use FasciaEdge for any muscle?

A: Yes, FasciaEdge can be used on any muscle. It is uniquely designed for different applications all over the body, including the face, feet and more.

Q: How much pressure should I be applying using FasciaEdge?

A: Pressure should vary depending on usage over different muscles, ligaments, tendons or bones.

Q: Is FasciaEdge painful?

A: It depends on the amount of pressure applied. FasciaEdge smooths and corrects misalignments which may feel uneven and rigid, creating resistance. Subsequently, the tissue might develop some redness or bruising. The myth about IASTM is that it must always bruise your muscles in order for it to work. Bruising may occur if there are lots of adhesions in the treated area. However, bruising is not the goal.

Q: What is the difference between the plastic product and aluminium product?

A: The aluminium product (Pro) is for heavier-duty applications, but both products perform the same functions.

Q: Can I use FasciaEdge with oils?

A: Yes! FasciaEdge may be used with or without massage oils.

Q: Is FasciaEdge safe for my children? Or my older relatives?

A: Yes, but use your discretion in terms of the amount of pressure you apply.

Q: Who’s the inventor of FasciaEdge? 

A: Roi Rollins is the inventor of FasciaEdge 

and his life changing story will be shared to public soon.