Massage Tools Buying Guide

Massage therapy is a great option, however, it’s not always possible to schedule an appointment or to attend as many sessions as you like, which is why massage tools are a great alternative. These tools are inexpensive and you can use them in the comfort of your own home to help relieve muscle tension and if used correctly, you will see results. In order for these tools to work, you have to purchase the right products that are specific to the area of your pain and the following guide will help:

Your back

 Self-massage Tools

If you’re experiencing pain in your back, a seat cushion, massage ball or pulse massager will help. A massaging seat cushion consists of internal rotating discs and knobs, which will knead the problem areas alongside your spine and you can set them on chairs or recliners. Massage balls can be used to help release tight knots, which are often referred to as trigger points and are also an effective tool for warming up or cooling down your muscles before and after a workout. It is similar to foam rolling but better targets your problem areas and many of them come with rounded spikes, which helps increase circulation and speeds up muscle recovery.

Your neck and shoulders

 Self-massage Tools

A FasciaEdge Massage Tool is ideal because it can target the sides of your neck, the spot beneath the back of your skull and upper trapezius muscles, which are prone to tension. FasciaEdge Massage Tools are great because they make it very easy to treat hard-to-reach areas, like the upper trapezius muscles and can be used to massage other parts of your body too. FasciaEdge Massage Tools help alleviate shoulder tension and knots in the sides of your neck, which is a common problem area for a lot of people because of stress.

Your feet

It is very important to target the arch of your foot and stimulating the pressure points directly beneath the ball and the pad of your foot can be very soothing as well and a massage ball, acupressure sandals or a massage platform can all help. Proactive approach to preventing plantar fasciitis is highly recommended. Rolling either a smooth or studded massage ball beneath the arch of your foot is very effective in helping to alleviate nagging pain while acupressure sandals are ideal for when you have to be on your feet because the nodule-studded slippers provide reflexology-like relief, which will help boost circulation. Electronic foot massagers, or platforms, knead and roll the arch and can be customized and is the perfect tool to use while you work at a desk or watch television from your couch.

Rollins Athletics Inc. can help with all of your massage needs. We are located in Vancouver and provide chiropractor tools, myofascial release tools and self-massage tools as well. If you’re looking for items that are for sale to help with physiotherapy and rehabilitation, give us a call now to find out how we can help!

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