What is Muscle Scraping and is it any good?

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What is Muscle Scraping and is it any good?


Muscle scraping is a method of myofascial release that can be performed on oneself or by a therapist. It evolved from the Chinese method of massage therapy guasha (Gua Sha) which is over a thousand years old.


The purpose of this rather aggressive rubbing of the skin and the fascia that is connected to it is to create micro tears or breaking (wounds) in the soft tissue. These small wounds call the initiation of the four healing stages as following:

  1. Stop bleeding by binding the blood into the wounds.
  2. Inflammation by creating connections inside these wounds.
  3. Proliferation wound closing.
  4. Remodelling by changing the blood cells into muscles and fascia to be similar to the environment around it.



 Wound healing stages


Unfortunately, there are lots of harmful massage tools in the market that have been created for profit purposes only. These tools do not take into account the shape of the muscles, the fascia or the ergonomics of use. However, we created the right and most effective muscle scraping tools ever here.


Muscle scraping biceps

The process of muscle scrapping is very similar to working out. It is somehow follows the same methodology of “No Pain No Gain” but please understand that this must be done within reason and one must be patient in between self-muscle-scrapping sessions to allow full recovery before hitting the tools again.


Suggestions for Maximum Benefits of Muscle Scraping:

Muscle scrape once or twice a month depends on your age, quality of sleep, diet, nutrition, and how fast one normally recovers on average.  

Use for stubborn areas that are not growing as wanted.

Use them after a PR (Personal Record) and very heavy day of working out to help flushing the toxins, increase blood flow, and speed up recovery so the resting time between workout days is minimized.


Muscle scraping quads  

I hope I answered your fancy questions  let me know in the comments bellow or connect with me on IG @rollinsathletics for more info.


May all Beings be Happy

Roi Rollins

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