5 reasons to start self massage today!

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We all know the importance of self-care and massage it's been thousands of years when the human beans are taking care of their bodies to continue their lives pain-free ailment free, so I will beat around the bush for a long time let's start right now reason number one

1- Muscle imbalances: 

 In our day-to-day life, we are under a tremendous amount of stress from work, from driving and from commuting with a bus, taxi's, Uber, etc. And through all of this, our posture is not the best. We as human beings and as a species depend on our anterior or frontal chain muscles. This means your muscles in the front of your body are working way more than the muscles of the back of your body. These muscles include not only your neck muscles but also your upper back, mid-back and lower back muscles. Your glutes, your butt muscles, your hamstrings, your calves and all the way down to your toes, including your plantar fascia. That leads us to a solution. To achieve the muscular balance between our frontal chain muscles and our posterior muscles and fascial chains, stretching and doing a myofascial release for your frontal chain is vital. This myofascial release can be achieved by using my fascia release tools FasciaEdge along with other tools like a tennis ball, lacrosse ball, golf ball or any ASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) tool. These tools can be hard to find on Amazon but check this link for the five best myofascial release tools here.
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2- Lymphatic Drainage 

Right under the skin, there's something called the Lymphatic system which is simply a network of lymph vesicles that are similar to blood vessels but smaller that covers all your body. The Lymphatic system is pretty similar to our garbage service it's always available for you to dump all the toxins, all the excess fat, all the excess hormones and excess elements into it, out of your body. Unfortunately because of our lifestyles and what we eat on a day-to-day basis, we have in our bodies a lot of unnecessary and unhealthy elements. Because of this, the Lymphatic system gets tired and it can't do its job properly. For example, "remember when the garbage company came and picked up your garbage but still your garbage bins are stinky and have some residual garbage!" That's exactly what happens to your Lymphatic drainage system when it gets overloaded and abused. It starts forgetting a few things here and there in your system. You will start to see deposits of this "garbage" on your body. You'll find some dimples here and there on your stomach area, legs and buttocks and that's because the system is trying to protect you. After all, your body doesn't want these toxins to go back to the bloodstream and the heart. That being said, using a good myofascial release tool to massage yourself will help to drain these excess toxins in your Lymphatic system and fascia. Find the best lymphatic drainage tools here.
 Self-massage Tools

3-Strengthening your Immune System: 

Flushing the toxins out of your body leads us to a better immune system. The body becomes more prepared to fight viruses, fungal infections and other unwelcome microbes.
Needless to mention a healthy diet would help tremendously with this stage too. I suggest checking this liver rescue 3,6,9. It worked miracles for me personally, I hope it’d do for you too.

4- Mobility  

And now we are moving onto something very important, which is mobility. My grandma was a Yogi and she was able to do (ass to grass) until the end of her beautiful healthy life. She always insisted on sitting and stretching, doing yoga and being active to the best of her ability. So grab yourself a good tool and work on your muscles so you can get faster results and better mobility. In my opinion, it's better than going to a stinky yoga class. Don't get me wrong I love yoga and I respect my grandma but yoga in and of itself will not release your trigger-points.
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5- Being ready for tomorrow 

When we are using our muscles regularly in our day to day lives, sitting in an office for long periods of time, typing and poor posture, one set of muscles will be working way more than the other. The solution, for now, is to work those underused muscles, massage them to squeeze the lactic acid out of them and make them recover faster. You will become ready for tomorrow whatever that challenge may be. Another good point to consider; if you are already working out those muscles the best thing you can do is to release your muscles, massage your muscles, stretch them and flush the lactic acid out of them. This is essential for your recovery stage and for enhancing your muscle energy and for tomorrow's workout. So massage yourself daily, after a long day of work or after a workout and let tomorrow bring whatever it wants to bring. Self-care is very important for our physical and emotional state because if you wake up in the morning and your body is feeling achy and you're feeling tired that's going to mess up your whole day!
Thank you.

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